Scientific Research Institute –
Federal Research Centre
for Projects Evaluation and Consulting Services

Analytical research

One of the main activities of the SRI FRCEC is a comprehensive analysis of the scope of research and development to identify and specify the priority areas of research and the formation of subjects of specific R&D papers.

The main attention is paid to the development of scientific and methodological bases, organizational, information and software expert-analytical researches with the involvement of experts of scientific and technological sphere. To successfully conduct the expert-analytical research the SRI FRCEC has created the Federal Roster of Experts in the scientific and technological sphere.

The ongoing research is aimed at improving the effectiveness of decision-making in the management of scientific-technological complex of the Russian Federation by providing the governing bodies with the scientific-analytical information obtained by the expert community.

The analytical research results are implemented in the information-analytical materials on the state, tendencies and forecasts of development of science and technologies in Russia and abroad, Russian and foreign systems of management of scientific-technological and innovation activities, competence centers in the important and promising areas of research and the methodological recommendations on comprehensive analysis of the scope of research and development and information sources.

  • collection, processing, storage and analysis of information on the state of research, development and innovation in the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • interaction, coordination, organizational and methodological support of analytical work of the expert community of scientific and technological sphere in the preparation of proposals for priority research areas;
  • monitoring and identifying the priority areas of research and development in Russia and the world, analysis of trends and results of development in various fields of science and technology for the purpose of creating the specific problem-oriented research topics;
  • evaluation and assessment of forecasts of development of domestic and foreign scientific and technological capabilities for the development of proposals for elaboration of the priority directions of development of science, technology and engineering in the Russian Federation;
  • preparation of informative and analytical documents on the current state and prospects of development of Russian and foreign spheres of research, development and innovation;
  • development of proposals on priority research topics for the thematic planning of research and development in priority areas of the country's scientific and innovation complex development within the framework of state and target programs;
  • maintaining and updating of database information system for preparation of analytical documents on the state of research and development and proposals on priority areas of development of science and technology;
  • studying of the ways to improve the scientific, technological and innovative activity, information-analytical support of decision making in the management of research efforts, R&D on priority directions of development the scientific-technological complex of the Russian Federation;
  • participation in scientific conferences, forums, seminars on analytical research, scientific and technological, innovative and expert activities in the field of research and development;
  • analysis of the results of monitoring the activities of small innovative enterprises established in the scientific and educational sphere for the practical application (implementation) of the results of intellectual activity;
  • monitoring the research activities of young Russian scientists and leading scientific schools – winners of grants and scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation.
  • monitoring and factor analysis of the effectiveness of Federal Target Programs in the area of civilian R&D, preparation of analytical materials for quarterly reports to the Government of the Russian Federation and development of proposals for improving the monitoring system for Federal Target Programs;
  • analysis of federal and regional strategic documents in the field of science and education;
  • assessment of the level of technological development in the sphere of science and education;
  • analysis and assessment of factors affecting the achievement of the planned indicators of the state programs "Development of Science and Technology" and "Development of Education";
  • monitoring and analysis of the implementation of the state program "Development of Education" (preparation of information and analytical materials on the implementation of the state program "Development of Education" - quarterly and annual reports, Report to the Government of the Russian Federation);
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of the state program "Development of education" and analysis of factors affecting the course of its implementation;
  • development of proposals for correction of the current version of the state program "Development of Education", including on the basis of analysis of regulatory normative documents governing the development of state programs of the Russian Federation, as well as documents affecting its implementation;
  • analysis of the structure of education funding from the federal budget of the Russian Federation, preparation of analytical materials used in the formation of the budget for the next fiscal year.